A place to blend with the true nature

A soothing accommodation is what we always look after to in order to enjoy our stay and give ourselves the most relaxing atmosphere we needed for our great vacation. A good housing must have outstanding facilities that everyone would enjoy during their stay. De Klumpu Bali will certainly fulfill your desires by providing you the most welcoming suite that inspired by Balinese structural design. The building uses wood for most of its part and foundation, while the roof is made from hay. This construction is definitely eco-friendly because it will not require electricity to achieve cooler surroundings. All you need to do is to relax and let nature deliver you the pleasure. Take a quick tour and be seduced by their lovely collection of furniture and amenities. Be greeted with the inviting ground floor setting where the creative massage beds and chairs wait for your tired body. An attractive garden view will certainly add a therapeutic essence. Take a graceful step up to the next floor where the spacious veranda lurks and holds the most artistic rattan set where you can enjoy your break overlooking the spectacular view of the green and golden fields. Wait until you turn your back and see the simple yet ingenious couch, bed, wardrobe and carpets. Move further and discover the absolute perfection lay on the calming comfort of bathroom. No need further lighting due to the open window ceiling will give you a reassuring sensation as you lay on the bathtub and watch the clear blue sky during the day and the stars at night. The bricks and the variety of stone combination will make you feel like cleansing yourself with the nature. Heavenly sense will not be complete until you walk further up to the attic where you can spend your romantic night on this queen size bed with a little glimpse of the outside surroundings.

De Klumpu Suite

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De Klumpu Family Suite